Design Thinking Post it note wall

I am passionate about using design thinking and creative problem solving frameworks to tackle user centered problems and to develop unique innovations, particularly to create social impact. Currently, I teach Creativity and Innovation, Values Centered Entrepreneurship, Entrepreneurial Leadership, Human Centered Design and Design for Social Impact. These courses are offered through the Neeley School of Business, J.V. Roach Honors College and the School of Interdisciplinary Studies at Texas Christian University. Additionally, I am the Director for IdeaFactory at TCU, and I am actively teaching design thinking workshops for a variety of audiences at TCU and the community.


Design Thinking

Using the design mindset and human centered design related frameworks to solve problems – from problems and services to systems and issues.

Social Innovation

Focusing on understanding the main system and related problem by using frameworks, like systems mapping and human centered design, to help organizations create sustainable social impact.

Experiential Education

Teaching students to learn through doing by designing deep immersive experiences to maximize impact for student engagement.

Human Centered Organizations

Exploring ways for leaders to create organizations that are dedicated to all human stakeholders – from customers to partners, shareholders to employees.

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